The New Evangelization - America


Antilles: Antilles Episcopal Conference (AEC), P.O. Box 3086, St. James (Trinidad and Tobago), W.I.

Argentina: Conferencia Episcopal Argentina (CEA), Calle Suipacha 1034, 1008 Buenos Aires.

Bolivia: Conferencia Episcopal Boliviana (CEB), Casilla 2309, Calle Potosi 814, La Paz.

Brazil: Conferência Nacional dos Bispos do Brasil (CNBB), C.P. 02067, SE/Sul Quadra 801, Conjunto "B," 70259-970 Brasilia, D.F.

Canada: The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, established 12 Oct. 1943 as a permanent voluntary association of the bishops of Canada, acquired the status of an episcopal conference after Vatican II. The CCCB's twelve episcopal commissions undertake study and projects in special areas of pastoral work. Six serve nationally (social affairs; canon law/inter-rite; relations with associations of clergy, consecrated life and laity; evangelization of peoples; ecumenism; and theology); three relate to French sectors (communications sociale, éducation Chrétienne, liturgie) and three relate to corresponding English sectors. Secretariat is located at 90 Parent Ave., Ottawa, K1N 7B1, Canada.

Chile: Conferencia Episcopal de Chile (CEC), Casilla 517-V, Correo 21, Cienfuegas 47, Santiago.

Colombia: Conferencia Episcopal de Colombia, Apartado 7448, Carrera 8ª 47, N. 84-85, Santafé de Bogotá D.E.

Costa Rica: Conferencia Episcopal de Costa Rica (CECOR), Apartado 497, 1000 San Jose.

Cuba: Conferencia de Obispos Católicos de Cuba (COCC), Apartado 594, Calle 26 n. 314 Miramar, 10100 Havana1.

Dominican Republic: Conferencia del Episcopado Dominicano (CED), Apartado 186, Santo Domingo.

Ecuador: Conferencia Episcopal Ecuatoriana, Apartado 1081, Avenida América 1805 y Lagasca, Quito.

El Salvador: Conferencia Episcopal de El Salvador (CEDES). 15 Av. Norte 1420, Col. Layco, Apartado 1310, San Salvador.

Guatemala: Conferencia Episcopal de Guatemala (CEG), Apartado 1698, 01901 Ciudad de Guatemala.

Haiti: Conférence Episcopale de Haïti (CEH). B.P. 1572, Angle rues Piquant et Lammarre, Port-au-Prince.

Honduras: Conferencia Episcopal de Honduras (CEH), Apartado 847, Blvd. Suyapa, Tegucigalpa.

Mexico: Conferencia del Episcopado Mexicano (CEM), Prolongación Rio Acatlán, Lago de Guadalupe, 54760 Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mex.

Nicaragua: Conferencia Episcopal de Nicaragua (CEN), Apartado Postal 2407, de Ferreteria Lang 1 cuadro al Norte y 1 cuadro al Este, Managua.

Panama: Conferencia Episcopal de Panamá (CEP), Apartado 870033, Panama 7.

Paraguay: Conferencia Episcopal Paraguaya (CEP), Alberdi 782, Casilla Correo 1436, Asunción.

Peru: Conferencia Episcopal Peruana, Apartado 310, Rio de Janeiro 488, Lima 100.

Puerto Rico: Conferencia Episcopal Puertorriqueña (CEP), P.O. Box 40682, Estacion Minillas, San Juan 00940-0682.

United States: The National Conference of Catholic Bishops (NCCB), established by action of the U.S. hierarchy 14 Nov. 1966, is a strictly ecclesiastical body with defined juridical authority over the Church in this country, as approved by the Holy See in line with directives from Vatican II. Its constitution was formally ratified at the November 1967 meeting of the U.S. hierarchy. Address: 3211 Fourth St. N.E., Washington, D.C. 20017.

Uruguay: Conferencia Episcopal Uruguaya (CBU), Avenida Uruguay 1319, 11100 Montevideo.

Venezuela: Conferenica Episcopal de Venezuela (CEV), Apartado 4897, Torre a Madrices, Edificio Juan XXIII, Piso 4, Caracas 1010-A.

America: Latin American Bishops' Conference (Consejo Episcopal Latino-Americano, CELAM): Established in 1956; statues approved 9 Nov. 1974. Represents 22 Latin American national bishops' conferences. Address of the secretariat: Carrera 5 No. 118-31, Usaquén, Bogotá, Columbia.

Episcopal Secretariat of Central America and Panama (Secretariado Episcopal de America Central 6 Panama, SEDAC): Statutes approved experimentally 26 Sept. 1970. Address of secretary general: Calle 20 y Av Nexuci 124-25, Apartado 6386, Panama 5, Panama.