Walk for Life, West Coast 2011
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This years Walk for Life, West Coast was bigger than ever. The crowd even seemed to have a greater boldness about it as we walked along the San Francisco wharf area. This year I was also impressed by the savvy of the prolife groups. Kathleen Eaton, the founder of Birth Choice Clinics and one of the speakers at the rally, is turning her pregnancy centers into fully licensed medical clinics. She is also providing services for women that build relationships with them so that if there is some crisis they will turn to Birth Choice and not some abortion provider.

Abby Johnson also spoke at the rally. Her powerful testimony reminds us of the power of prayer and love. Abby was a director of a Planned Parenthood clinic for eight years before joining the prolife cause. A young woman, who always wanted to help the women coming to her clinic, she was won over by the prayerful and loving presence of the Coalition of Life outside of the clinic. When she watched an abortion performed on an ultrasound monitor, the reality of what abortion actually is, struck her in a new way. And because the prolifers had a strong, prayerful presence outside of her clinic, she had someone to turn for help to come out of the abortion industry.

Love, kindness, mercy and acceptance are at the heart Christian spirituality and activism. They win more hearts than great works of power and strength. The witness of love convicts and attracts us. When we see it, we want to live in that love. It draws people to us, and overcomes all fear and evil. The sacrifice of the cross reminds us that victory over evil comes through love and self-sacrifice. At these marches, we get to meet great leaders in the prolife movement who have made generous sacrifices for their brothers and sisters. People care, and we need to get this word out to people considering abortion as their only resource.

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