Tim Gray and Jim Beckman
Friday, April 1, 2011
Last week, we had on Dr. Tim Gray and Jim Beckman speaking about the Augustine Institute and Ydisciple. The Augustine Institute is a masters program in Denver, and Ydisciple is a new youth program, associated with the Institute, that involves small groups and mentoring. Both of our guests, in their own spiritual journeys, were helped by small group Bible studies and mentors along the way. Jim Beckman has over twenty years in youth ministry and has seen great results with the Ydisciple program. One parish in Denver that uses the program had something like eight vocations come from the parish. In instructing the young people on the faith, small groups are formed (girls and boys are separated) which allows for a sharing of problems and mentoring by adults, and this is very much needed today. Small groups and mentors provide a strong support in living the faith in todays world.

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