Speaking of Saints with Susan Conroy
Thursday, July 7, 2011
Susan Conroy loves the saints and the lessons they teach us about life. She has been a guest on Life on the Rock a few times, and has done other productions on the network. In this video blog, Susan talks about some of the lessons that the saints teach us, especially the necessity of humility. She also speaks to us of her prayer life. Susan has the simple practice of jotting down notes in her Magnificat missalette on the readings or on the homily at mass. She wants to remember whatever strikes or inspires her, and think about later, taking it to prayer. I like this because it is simple and practical; some of us never follow through on our plans to improve our prayer life. The plans and expectations are too great. We should do the simple thing right in front of us because God is speaking to us in the reality of our lives. Susan also shared with us some of the responses she got from her talks at Dartmouth and Harvard. She has found the greatest enthusiasm in traditionally secular places.

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