Fr. Fred Miller on St. John Vianney and the Priesthood
Monday, August 15, 2011
Fr. Fred Miller, a dogmatic theology professor at Mount St. Marys Seminary, shared with us some reflections on the great Cure of Ars and the priesthood. The Cure is the patron saint of priests, and Fr. Miller maintains that the French saint has great relevance today in renewing the priesthood. In all vocations and in working for the Lord, it is easy to wander from what we were originally called to do. We get caught up in distractions and are, maybe, not doing what the Lord is really asking.

In his zeal for the kingdom, St. John Vianney shows us the essence of the priesthood, what it means to be a priest. When we get back to basics, get back to the original call, we are revitalized. Those first impulses in following Gods call are a great thing, and at times, these inspirations need to be remembered and cultivated anew. These first impulses need to be guided by the witness of the saints, the mind of the Church and those have lived the vocation before us.

Part 1:

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