Popes Arrival and Welcoming Ceremony
Thursday, August 18, 2011
It aint really a World Youth Day until the Pope shows up, and that happened today. Jesus is the chief shepherd of the flock, they are His sheep, they belong to Him and they know His voice. But He is still present to His flock through the sacrament of Holy Orders, and the young really respond when they hear His voice in Pope. The youth want to hear the challenge of the Gospel. They want something new and better; they are open to hearing about conversion and a radical change of life. I think we can all learn something new from the youth in this regard, because it is hard for us to be open to this kind of conversion the older we get.

Today, we covered the Holy Fathers arrival and the official welcoming ceremony. He was as eloquent as ever and looked strong. He was obviously moved by the enthusiasm of the youth and radiated joy himself at seeing their large numbers. May we all radiate the joy of being converted to Christ and sharing the faith with others!!

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