The Other Lady of Hope, Dolores Hope, RIP
Tuesday, September 20, 2011
I first met Dolores and Bob Hope in the late 90's when they came to Birmingham for an appearance on Mother Angelica's live show. Dolores was spunky, direct, and a real lady.

Over the years, she watched the World Over and would correspond with me from time to time--particularly when she saw a show that she enjoyed or something she didn't like. She always offered insightful comments (and sometimes corrections) that were more often than not, spot on. A daily communicant, Dolores lived her faith in every way. She was certainly instrumental in the conversion of her husband Bob late in life.

A few times we shared lunch at the Hope's beautiful Toluca Lake home. On one occasion she took me up to her husband's office and brought out an animated doll she had made for Bob. When the button was pressed it said, "I've got so damn much work to do... I've got so much work to do." We both howled, but I wondered later if she played it as a subtle warning to me. Her laughter was infectious as was her determined faith and clear eyed perceptions. The joy of Dolores (and Bob) will go on and on as will the generous philanthropy that she practiced throughout her long life. She did an enormous amount of good for so many people. In my estimation, at 102, Dolores Hope went too soon. Today more than ever, women of such grace and dignity are sorely needed. Dolores will be sorely missed. May she rest in peace and may Our Lady of Hope usher her to heaven.

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