Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Just a brief line today to bring you up to date on events and life here in Rome and also to express my heartfelt thanks for the avalanche of beautiful birthday cards, best wishes and many prayers that i have received these days. How I would love to answer each of you individually!

Right now my hands are somewhat tied as I have not had Internet in my home/office since Sunday morning. Telecom, the phone company, actually called me to say they are doing some upgrading in our neighborhood from ADSL to fiber optics and we would be without Internet for a "brief" period. I have no idea what that means, timewise.

I am on my iPad now in the Holy See Press Office and it closes in minutes, so this is a very quick update to explain my absence from this page.

I will try to return hee tomorrow if Internet is still unavailable and do what i can to bring you the important news stories. hopefully you do follow the news on the EWTN webpage so you are kept current.

Just a note before the doors close in the press office.

Again, heartfelt thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes!

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