Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Mother Angelica is now 87. On her birthday it seems appropriate to reflect for a moment on her continuing witness and on all the gifts she shares with so many.

Considering all of her struggles and the health woes of recent years, it is a minor miracle that she remains with us. When I saw her a few weeks ago I was struck by Mother's joy, and her willingness to engage despite her infirmity.

We as a society often ignore the suffering, the sick, and the elderly. We create elaborate ways to avoid dealing with the difficulties of illness and age. Mother Angelica reminds us of the hidden power of suffering and even getting older. Her sisters take turns caring for her now, but she remains there in her monastery praying and offering her sufferings up for the millions around the world who have been touched by her words and witness.

EWTN, the shortwave radio station, the nationwide AM/FM network, the internet service, and the profound, practical teachings go on and on. These are the continuing effects of Mother's prayer and her suffering. She is doing more in silence and stillness than most can muster on their most active days.

People often ask me how Mother is doing now. This prayer, composed by Mother, might offer some answers. It comes from our latest collaboration, "The Prayers and Personal Devotions of Mother Angelica":

Offering of Pain "Suffering Jesus I unite my pain with all the pain You suffered on the Cross. I do not understand the mystery of pain. I do not grasp the power contained within it--power to change a stubborn will into a docile will, power to change frustration into patience serenity, power to mold a finite soul into a beautiful masterpiece for the Father to behold. Ah yes, my Jesus, I do not understand but I do believe in its power because it formed such a large portion of Your earthly life and was used to redeem mankind. My human nature rebels against pain. My reason tells me it is unnecessary, but my heart tells me that without it, in one form or another, I shall never possess the wedding garment so necessary for the Kingdom. Help me to comprehend the mysterious and hidden power of all the suffering that molds my soul into Your Image, Lord Jesus. Amen."

Happy Birthday dear Mother. And thank you for all you have done and do now.

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