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The Positio for the Cause of the Padre Pio

The volumes that make up the Positio were prepared by the Postulation (those promoting the Cause) with the help of collaborators. This work is done under the supervision of a Relator, a curial official appointed by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints:

Volume I: Informatio

1st tome - Presentation of the "Positio"
- Presentation of the "Informatio"
- Abbreviations
- Bibliography
- History of the Cause
- Sources and criteria
- Chronological outline of the life of the Servant of God
- Fame of sanctity of the Servant of God

2nd tome - Heroicity of the virtues of the Servant of God
- Theological: faith, hope, charity
- Cardinal: Prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance
- Religious: Obedience, poverty, chastity

Volume II: Summarium
- Testimonies concerned with the trial
- Additional declarations of the trial
- Evidence from the trial from the Members of the Historic Commission
- Documentation of the Vice Postulator
- Pre-trial testimonies

Volume III: Biographical Critique

Ist tome - Outline of the life of the Servant of God

2nd tome - The writings of the Servant of God

Volume IV: Quaestiones selectae
- Historical problems
- Different studies

Volume V: Index
- According to author
- According to argument

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