Padre Pio - The Man
"Give my regards to the people of Pietrelcina, that I always keep them  in my heart. The blessings of our Lord come down abundantly on all the people and all that make to themselves eternal promises.”    Padre Pio 


Pietrelcina, Italy, is an agreeable and pleasant little town near Benevento in Southern Italy. It is about 300 meters above sea level and built on a plain surrounded by scenery formed of low hills and little rivers that go down toward the Tammaro Valley.Pietrelcina, Italy
The land produces many products including wheat, tobacco, artichokes and olive trees. The heart of Pietrelcina is placed on a little hill called: “La Morgia”, made of  calcareous rock.  In the center of  old Pietrelcina is the quarter called “Castello”.  It’s the place that saw the little Francesco Forgione, the future Padre Pio, grow up and run around the little courts and lanes.
It was on one of these lanes, “Vico Storto Valle”, that in 1909,  a very ill Padre Pio came back from the convent and took up residence in Torretta, meaning “little tower”, because it's like a little turret between the ground and the sky.  He came and lived in a room with only a  bed, a little table, and very little else. Here he lived deeply his wonderful relation with God.  This is where Padre Pio would write his letters to his spiritual directors. Here is also where he began to fight the devils every night and day.
Jesus, Our Lady, St.Joseph and St.Francis, appeared him in this room.
Pietrelcina would be  remembered as the place where God prepared Padre Pio to be a missionary for the world.