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The Beatifications of Pope Pius IX and Pope John XXIII

Pope Pius IX



On Discipline for Religious (Ubi primum)
Promulgated 17 Jun 1847. Pius praises religious orders, and exhorts their members to ignore the attractions of the world and remain faithful to their calling. He announces the establishment of the Congregation on the State of Regulars to help oversee the renewal of discipline within the orders.

On the Effects of the Jubilee (Exultavit cor nostrum)
Promulgated 21 Nov 1851. Pius expresses thanks for the spiritual benefits of the Jubilee year, while at the same time deploring current evils and calling on God for help.

On Discipline for Clergy (Nemo certe ignorat)
Promulgated 25 Mar 1952. Pius urges the bishops of Ireland to unite among themselves, and with the bishops of England and Scotland, to resist current evils. He encourages them in their efforts to found Catholic University of Ireland, and speaks of the life and duties of clerics.

On the Discipline for Clergy (Probe noscitis venerabiles)
Promulgated 17 May 1852. Pius exhorts the bishops of Spain to strive together for the rights of the Church, and to carefully train, form and educate their clergy.

Pleading for Unity of Spirit (Inter multiplices)
Promulgated 21 Mar 1853. Pius writes the bishops of France to eliminate dissensions, form and train their clergy, encourage Catholic writers, and adhere to Rome.

On the Persecution of the Armenians (Neminem vestrum)
Promulgated 2 Feb 1854. Pius condemns dissensions and schisms in the Armenian Church, as well as false attempts at unity. He addresses and encourages by group the bishops, priests and laity of that region.

On the Catholic University of Ireland (Optime noscitis)
Promulgated 20 Mar 1854. Pius commands the Irish bishops to go ahead with their plans to found a Catholic University in Ireland and approves their choice of then Father John Henry Newman as rector of the proposed University.

Urging Prayers for Peace (Apostolicae nostrae caritatis)
Promulgated 1 Aug 1854. Pius recalls to the bishops the trials of the Church, especially the errors of indifferentism and unbelief. To combat these, he encourages the faithful to make reparation to God, and grant a plenary indulgence for certain acts of piety in order to encourage them.

On Care for Clerics (Cum nuper)
Promulgated 20 Jan 1858. Writing to the bishops of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Pius grieves for the victims of recent earthquakes there, and commends the people to good morals to prevent future scourges. He condemns the excesses of some of the clergy, gives guidelines for who should be ordained, and speaks of the responsibilities of the clergy.

On the Care of the Churches (Amantissimus)
Promulgated 8 April 1862. Pius, writing to the Eastern Bishops, speaks on papal authority, while reassuring them that Rome has no intention of forcing the Latin Rite on the Oriental. Churches. He announces the establishment of a new Congregation to manage the affairs of these Churches, and asks the bishops' cooperation.

Seminary for Native Clergy (Meridionali Americae)
Promulgated 30 Sep 1865. Pius expresses to the South American bishops his joy at the increase in native clergy and expresses his concern for their proper formation.

25th Anniversary of Pontificate (Beneficia Dei)
Promulgated 4 Jun 1871. Pius reviews the successes and trials of his pontificate, gives thanks to God, and grants indulgences.

Thanksgiving for 25 Years (Saepe venerabiles fratres)
Promulgated 5 Aug 1871. Pius notes the record length of his papacy, and gives thanks for the congratulations and gifts of the faithful.

On the Church in Chaldea (Quae in patriarchatu)
Promulgated 16 Nov 1872. Pius summarizes the history of Patriarch Joseph Audo, Patriarch of Babylonia of the Chaldeans with the Holy See, and accepts the Patriarch's latest repentance.

On the Church in Armenia (Quartus supra)
Promulgated  6 Jan 1873. Pius discusses the new schism of certain Armenians in Constantinople, and advises the faithful not to be led astray. He also addresses the nature of schism.

On the Greek-Ruthenian Rite (Omnem sollicitudinem)
Promulgated 13 May 1874. Pius forbids any changes to be made in the Eastern liturgies, especially in the Greco-Ruthenian Rite, also condeming the 'pseudo-administrator' in the diocese of Chelm, who has usurped power there and introduced changes in the liturgy.

Proclaiming a Jubilee for 1875 (Gravibus Ecclesiae)
Promulgated 24 Dec 1874. Pius proclaims 1875 to be a Jubilee year, announces the requirements for gaining the Jubilee indulgence, and encourages good works. He also gives advice to the clergy.

On the Church in Switzerland (Graves ac diuturnae)
Promulgated 23 Mar 1875. Pius condemns the schismatic Old Catholics, condemns anti-Catholic marriage laws, and exhorts the faithful to obey their pastors.