Day 6

Today, we went to Galilee. It is the area way up north surrounding the Sea of Galilee in which Jesus “was brought up,” as it says in Luke’s Gospel. Nazareth, where Jesus lived, is about a three hour drive from Jerusalem. It is the actual home of the Holy Family and where Jesus spent 30 years of his “hidden life.” He worked as a laborer with His father Joseph, as one who “works with hard materials” (to translate it literally from the Scriptures). It is believed that, in a nearby town a few miles away, there was a large Roman construction project that probably employed them.


Nazareth is also the town where the Annunciation took place. St. Joseph’s house and place of the Annunciation are only few hundred yards apart. In fact, the whole town was on only a few acres where about 30 families lived. Both St. Joseph’s house and the Annunciation took place in a cave. All of the families lived in these limestone caves built into the hillside. The limestone is “soft” enough to be chiseled out to expand the cave.


The Eternal Word “became flesh and dwelt among us.” He assumed our human nature and, in the words of Vatican II: “For by His incarnation the Son of God has united Himself in some way with every man. He worked with human hands, He thought with a human mind, acted with a human will and loved with a human heart. Born of the Virgin Mary, He has truly been made one of us, like us in all things except sin.” Christ did not destroy our humanity but assumed it and redeemed it.


I am completely struck by the simplicity of their lives. This great work of our redemption took place in the most simple and humble of ways. His life was not clothed with human greatness or majesty. Even at the time, Nazareth was not a noteworthy town; It is not even mentioned in the Old Testament and is considered somewhat backward in the New Testament. Yet, Mary’s “fiat” (“Let it be done to me according to your word”) was given here. Yet, the Son God grew up and worked here. Yet, our redemption began here.


God is sovereign, and He accomplishes His purposes not in the way of the world. He wrought our redemption hidden from the eyes of the worldly. This should give us great hope that God is at work in the weakness of our lives. God comes to us in all the moments of our ordinary lives. No moment is too small for Him to work out our redemption. In fact, judging from the town of Nazareth, He seems to be attracted to such moments.

Day 6 - Photos

Here are a few of us in front of the plains of Meggido, where scripture speaks of a final battle between good and evil.
The Wedding Church in Cana.
Mass in front of the Cave where the Annunciation took place.
A closeup of the cave where the Annunciation took place.