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Watch LIVE and on-demand video of The March for Life and other pro-life events that raise awareness about abortion, and what you can do to help support today's pro-life movement!

  • Closing Mass for Life, 2016

  • March 4 Life, West Coast 2016

  • One Life, LA 2016

  • March for Life 2016, Part 05

  • March for Life 2016, Part 04

  • March for Life 2016, Part 03

  • March for Life 2016, Part 02

  • March for Life, Part 01

  • Pro-Life Leaders Say Daleiden’s Indictment is Politically-Motivated
    Pro-life leaders claim David Daleiden’s indictment is politically motivated – Catherine Szeltner has that story.

  • Pro-Lifers Hold Mass on Interstate with Snow Altar
    Some March for Life participants stranded for hours held an Interstate Mass with a snow altar – we speak with the woman who captured it on tape, Sister Inviolata Mukhaabi.

  • David Daleiden is Charged with Felony and Misdemeanor
    The man behind the undercover Planned Parenthood videos is charged with a felony and misdemeanor – Catherine Szeltner reports on the case’s latest developments.

  • Evangelical Support for The March for Life
    Wyatt Goolsby finds it’s not just Catholics who support the pro-life cause.

  • Pro-Lifers Ahead of The March for Life
    Pro-lifers are already trying to make a difference in D.C. ahead of The March for Life, as Jason Calvi reports.

  • Los Angeles Prepares for One Life L.A.
    Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ Kathleen Domingo previews the upcoming One Life L.A. event.

  • Previewing March for Life 2016

  • March for Life and Walk for Life January 21st, 22nd

  • March for Life 2016 Preview

  • A Preview of March for Life Chicago