Episode 1

Makes enough for six people to enjoy...or two if you want to over-indulge!

2 ounces melted butter
8 ounces plain chocolate
1 small tin condensed milk (½ cup)
½ teaspoon vanilla essence
4 ounces chopped raisins and walnuts


Melt the butter in a saucepan over a low heat, and add the plain chocolate piece by piece so each melts and mixes in. Then add the condensed milk, and heat the mixture so that it bubbles, but do not allow it to boil for any length of time. Add the vanilla essence and the chopped nuts and raisins.  Pour the whole mixture into a greased tray 6 inches by 6 inches  and leave overnight in a refrigerator. Cut into squares and enjoy.
Before chilling you might also add in a handful of chopped raisins or walnuts, if you wish.

Coconut Ice

1 stick melted butter
4 ounces of white sugar
2 cups shredded coconut
Optional: small bottle of red food-colouring

Mix ingredients, aiming for a stiffer batter than fudge. Divide the mixture into two, and add red colouring in small drops to half of the mixture until it turns pink.  Put the white mixture into a small greased tray 6 inches x 6 inches, and then spread the pink mixture on top. Put in a fridge to set overnight and then cut into small squares when set.

Project 1– St. Joseph's Table

Needed: small table, lace tablecloth

Project 2 - Cornucopias and Boxes

Needed: wrapping paper, dinner plate, writing instrument, ribbon, scissors, used greeting cards.

For cornucopias: Using a plate as a template, draw around a dinner plate and cut out the shape from the wrapping paper. Fold into a cone or cornucopia, securing with tape. If you like, add a ribbon handle. Fill the cone with an assortment of goodies (see recipes) in small plastic bags.
For boxes: cut greeting cards out as shown on the video. Fold. Fill with treats.

How to make boxes:


See this video: