Episode 2
Siena Cake

1 cup+ chopped nuts, your choice chopped
4 ounces or ¼ cup bread crumbs
2-3 cups colourful dried fruits: dates, nuts, candied cherries, raisins, apricots, etc. You want a couple of inches of fruit in the baking pan. Aim for a stained glass sort of colouring!
½ cup honey
½ cup water

Use a circular baking pan, ideally spring form (removable bottom). Cut a piece of parchment paper to fit the bottom circle, just drawing around with a pencil and cutting out. Children can help with this.
Grease the paper bottom and sides of the pan with butter, then add a bit of flour and shake about to cover the buttered bottom. Mix the nuts and breadcrumbs and place these on top.

Chop the mixed dried fruits into small pieces, though you may choose to leave the cherries larger. Mixed together, sprinkle this on top of the nuts/bread crumbs base and smooth so they are even. Then add honey, dribbling over the entire. Finally, use your fingers to splay the water over the top and pack the cake down firmly.

Preheat oven and then bake at 350F or gas mark 5-6 for ten minutes.