Episode 3
Bread Rolls

½ stick butter (room temp is better)
2-3 cups white flour
½ cup of warm water

Packet of dried yeast: you can add it directly without having to mix first with water

Combine the flour and butter. Take a few minutes to mix together with hands, so the consistency resembles bread crumbs. Add the dried yeast and mix thoroughly. Then add water to make a dough. You want to have enough flour so the dough is not sticky but almost springs back when pressed. Add too much, and the dough would feel hard.

When mixed thoroughly, knead 10 minutes or so on a floured board or countertop. Divide into 12 balls of dough and put in a greased/floured muffin tin? Cover with a damp cloth or with a plastic bag, and leave in a warm place for 2 hours so that the rolls increase in size.  Bake 10 minutes at 350F or gas mark 6.

Serve warm with butter and fish (see below).

Fried Fish Filets

A few filets, whatever kind you like. Keep it simple, in mind of the original meal of bread and fish. (If you wish, you could also bake or grill.) Examples would include trout, perch, etc.

Dredge in flour if you like, then fry over medium heat in butter or olive oil spray. Gently fry, turning when done. Avoid repeated turnings or frying without enough fat or too high a heat that might cause fish to stick to the pan; filets can degenerate quickly with too much attention! Add a bit of salt and pepper to taste.