How to Pray for Your Sons & Daughters & Loved Ones


"Do your loved ones no longer practice the Faith or believe in God?" asks Vernon Robertson, founder of 'Seminar of Hope'. Sadly this is the experience of so many christian families today. In this major series, Vernon Robertson walks us through the scriptures and helps us grow in faith - to know God's peace and discover how God can work powerfully in the lives of our loved ones through our prayers, sufferings and sacrifices. Vernon, a father of three and grandfather of eleven, is a lay evangelist who serves on the board with Ralph Martin's Renewal Ministries in Canada. As a parent Vernon knows what it is like when children reject the most precious gift of all, our Catholic Faith. For his ministry in evangelisation, Vernon was awarded the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice (For Church and Pope) Cross by Pope Benedict the XVI, the highest medal that can be awarded to a lay person by a Pope.



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