Dr. Ray welcomes Gerry Faust, former head coach of University of Notre Dame and how his faith played a roll in his career and molded the lives of young men on his team; Fr. Larry on the spiritual dangers of self-seeking notoriety.
Dr. Ray welcomes Kristi and Mark Tripoldi, founders of Cornerstone of Hope, a center for grieving adults and children. They share their story of the death of their three year old son and how they went through the grief.
Episode 3 - MEN AND WOMEN
Dr. Ray discusses issues concerning Catholic couples. Guest includes Dr. Margarita Lassaletta, OB/GYN, a pro-life physician.
Dr. Ray addresses the sensitive issue of anti-Catholic relatives and how to deal with them.
Dr. Ray welcomes back Rita Marker of the Patients' Rights Council, with an update on the latest medical, legal, and ethical issues for older Catholics; Fr. Larry on the Natural Law, and its critical importance in the lives of everyone, young and old.
Episode 6 - NO APOLOGIES
Noted oncologist Dr. Ronald Sobecks tells Dr. Ray how he blends his deep Catholic faith with his practice; Fr. Larry uses the Catechism as a guide to Prayer in Living the Faith.
Episode 7
Dr. Ray welcomes former child services director Kelly Lynch to discuss children raised by people other than their parents; Fr. Larry on the virtues of Christian charity.
Episode 8
Dr. Ray welcomes Fr. Bill Browne as he shares how his life experiences from successful businessman, father, grandfather and widowed enriched his vocation; Fr. Larry on the importance of the Eucharist.
Episode 9
Dr. Ray discusses how a husband's most important role is to protect; he welcomes Rachel Benda of Bethesda House of Mercy to share about healing and hope for people wounded by abortion; Fr. Larry continues his discussion on forgiveness.
Episode 10
Dr. Ray discusses the limits providing for your child and the consequences in spoiling him or her; Guest Mike Gallina explains how values can be upheld and how students of faith don't have to compromise in a secular environment.
Episode 11
Dr. Ray discusses why couples should eliminate the word "divorce" from their marital vocabulary.
Episode 12
Dr. Ray and guest Psychologist and Therapist, Dr. Lawrence Nichta engage parents experiencing various levels of tension between siblings in their homes and provide advice on toning it down.
Episode 13
Dr. Ray welcomes a group of faithful, successful women who keep their families rooted in the Catholic faith and a discussion with two women who converted to Catholicism from the Amish religion.