EWTN offers its programming free of charge. If EWTN is not available on your local television provider or if you have any questions about how you can watch EWTN in your community, please contact the EWTN Regional Marketing Manager for your area by clicking here

EWTN is now available on Globecast's direct-to-home satellite serving homes throughout all of Australia and New Zealand
Australia/New Zealand Direct-to-home (DTH) Service

Globecast will be upgrading its entire Optus D2 platform beginning this August, and a change in frequency of services on the current T7L transponder is necessary. This will include the EWTN service.

For a smooth transition, Globecast will provide a 2-week dual illumination period. This will run from July 30 until August 12, 2012. During this period, EWTN will be available on both the original and new frequencies. A help desk will be opened, and a crawler providing information on the retuning frequency will also be seen on the TV screen to assist viewers.

The retuning of set top boxes will be the only change necessary to continue receiving our programming. The new frequency of EWTN will be 12518.75 Mhz, FEC ¾, Symbol 22.5MC/s.

If your services are already tuned to the GlobeCast Master frequency, 12706.5 Mhz, you need only to reboot your set top box to see EWTN in its new position.

For a helpful step by step instruction to manually adjust your decoder frequency, you may refer to the guide on Globecast's website. Here is the link- http://globecast.com.au/dth-satellite-services.

For over the phone assistance, you may call the following help desk numbers.

Within Australia: 1300 231 114 (between the hours of 3 pm and 9 pm Sydney Local Time)
From New Zealand: 0800 451 825 (between the hours of 5 pm and 11 pm NZ Time)

The help desk will be available from July 30 until August 23, 2012. You will be asked for the make and model of your particular decoder. You will also need your remote control with working batteries for this procedure.


 EWTN Technical Information for Intelsat 19
(formerly IS-8)
Asia - Pacific Service

Satellite:   Intelsat 19 (IS-19)
(formerly IS-8)
Orbital Location:   166 East
Transponder:   12
Downlink Frequency:   3940 MHz
L-Band Frequency:   1210 MHz
Downlink Polarization:   Horizontal
Carrier:   SA MCPC CDV
Modulation Type:   QPSK
Symbol Rate:   27.69 Ms/s
FEC:   7/8
Network ID:   8002
Virtual Channel:   15
Video PID:   2560
Video Standard (EWTN):   NTSC
Audio PIDs   2520 English
    2522 EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network (English)
- Left Channel
    2522 EWTN Radio Católica Mundial (Spanish)
 - Right Channel 


 EWTN Technical Information for Optus D2
Australia/New Zealand Direct-to-home (DTH) Service

Satellite:   Optus D2
Orbital Location:   152 East
Transponder:   7L
Downlink Frequency:   12644 MHz
Downlink Polarization:   Vertical
Symbol Rate:   22.5 Ms/s
FEC:   3/4
Video PID:   1108
Video Standard (EWTN):   NTSC
Audio PIDs

  1208 English