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gay wedding john j porter 04-13-2019
Cardinal Sarah on Mass Migration Mike 04-13-2019
In Vitro Fertilization Anonymous 04-13-2019
Abortion, original sin puzzled pro-life person 04-13-2019
Hope and faith Mark Hawkins 04-13-2019
The Church and NFP Anonymous 04-06-2019
The Pope and his real job. Fabian Doulton 04-06-2019
Paying for masses to end abortion Mary 04-02-2019
Limbo MARY ANN ERICKSON 04-01-2019
Baptism of miscarried or still born babies Anna 04-01-2019
Rosary Thomas Lindberg 04-01-2019
Pope Francis and Pro-life issues Mike Bolognese 04-01-2019
Proper name of Cardinal Wuerl and Pope Pope Benedict Barbara Lewis 04-01-2019
Private devotion to Salk and Sabin Joseph A Apicella 04-01-2019
Jesus and Mary Magdalenes child annie green 04-01-2019
Prayers for a lady IndianLady 04-01-2019
God's Gift Hiya G. 03-24-2019
For GEO Ann 03-24-2019
Re: Persecution in Michigan Anonymous 03-24-2019
Mortal sin GEO 03-21-2019
Re: Immigration - The Wall Anonymous 03-21-2019
Catholic Study Materials Charles Quarles 03-21-2019
Lent Fasting Tom 03-21-2019
abortion contributions Lynn 03-21-2019
Sabbath Chris Campenni 03-21-2019
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