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the saints of this time tony w 12-19-2015
trinity roland marcelle 12-19-2015
what is harder? Theresa B 12-19-2015
Re: Luisa Piccareta Jose Izquierdo 12-19-2015
Luisa Piccaretta Eugene 12-17-2015
virtue of charity Regina 12-17-2015
Re:Talking about our faith David McMahon 12-17-2015
adoption/baptism max 12-17-2015
How are we guilty of Original Sin Aristotle's Child 12-17-2015
Jesus nationality Bridget Cole-Ero 12-13-2015
Hell frankV 12-12-2015
Sondra Abrahams Mary Hatcher 12-12-2015
Neanderthals CW 12-12-2015
why are the all the clergy wearing white at papal mass May 12-12-2015
Dress code for award ceremony at Vatican? Deirdre 12-10-2015
Blessing of the Church Gregory Fernandez 12-10-2015
Encyclical Jerome Bach 12-10-2015
Re: Need to know Pamela 12-10-2015
marriage PJ 12-10-2015
St Theresa of Avila and hell tjay 12-10-2015
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