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Saint Pope John Paul II
Question from Ronito on 04-13-2005:

Dear EWTN, Greetings! My name is Ron, from Baltimore, Maryland. I'm 13 years old studying on a Roman Catholic School. I am very confused about becoming a Saint. I want to know, what does it take to be a Saint? Do you have to see visions of the Virgin Mary and/or holy persons and/or do a miracle? I asked my teacher, but he can't answer it. Anyway, some people say that Pope John Paul II should be a Saint, but he didn't perform any miracles or see visions of the holy persons. Does that mean that he doesn't have a chance to be a Saint? I am hoping for your quick response.

Answer by Matthew Bunson on 04-14-2005:

It is highly possible that Pope John Paul II will be recognized as a saint. Normally, the Church waits five years before a cause for canonization can begin (meaning the formal investigation). This can be shortened as it was for Mother Teresa.

The cause itself will include an exhaustive investigation of the pope's life and writings and will depend upon the certification of at least two miracles achieved through his intercession. The process is a deliberately formal one and functions according to strict laws of procedure and careful certification with each step.