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Papal Seal
Question from Joshua on 04-25-2005:

When will Pope Benedict choose his papal seal? JPII's had the M on it. I know that Cardinal Ratzinger's episcopal motto was "Co-Workers of the Truth". Will he retain that motto in his Papacy?

Answer by Matthew Bunson on 05-03-2005:

I am not certain what you mean by papal seal. He received the Ring of the Fisherman that bears the traditional symbol of St. Peter in a boat casting a net into the water. It is also marked with his name, Benedict XVI, and will be used for sealing important papal documents. If you are referring to his coat of arms, that has been chosen and can be seen on the EWTN homepage. It is not confirmed, as far as I have heard, that he will retain cooperatores veritatis; however, as he kept his episcopal and cardinalatial coat-of-arms, it is likely that he will keep the motto as well.