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Father Miguel
Question from Donna Maday on 12-22-2016:

Today I watched At Home With Jim and Joy and they had the Friars on their show. When Fr. Miguel was on, he was asked if he would be staying on moving to Hannceville and he said he would be at Hannceville. Does that mean Fr. Miguel will not be praying the Mass on TV anymore??? I'm asking because he is my favorite priest and I pray the Mass everyday on TV at 7 AM. I will continue to pray the Mass but will most definitely miss Fr. Miguel if he isn't there anymore.

Answer by Colin B. Donovan, STL on 03-14-2017:

The Friars change their assignments from time to time, between Irondale and the Shrine in Hanceville. When they are serving in Hanceville, they offer the Mass for the nuns and the pilgrims, hear confessions and so on. Only if they happen to be in Irondale for some reason might you see them on the 7 am Mass, either as main celebrant or concelebrating.