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RCIA director who can't answer questions
Question from FrankV on 03-13-2017:

Dear Doctor, Theree are tow simple publication "Catholic Pocket Evangelist" from Quennship Pulblishing that has the Bible references to many question. "Pillar of Fire, Oillar of Truth" is free from Catholic Answers. Of course most of the answers can be found in the CCC. A teacher /director should also have the Companion to the CCC which has the complete references.

How can a person teacher the fatith if they do not even know why the Chruch is Who and what it is? I'd be ashamed to ask that question on a public forum.

Thank you, God bless you,


Answer by Richard Geraghty on 04-09-2017:

Dear Frank,

Yes, there are many good sources of information if you look for them. Some RCIA directors are not as well informed as they should be.

Dr. Geraghty