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Question from Anonymous on 03-28-2017:

Is it a sin to show yourself nude like internet like internet sex and sex before marriage? If so, why? My friend argues that people have made these rules. Else we would all be roaming around naked only n would be able to see. N that dogs dont mate with just one dog.

Answer by David Gregson on 12-12-2017:

Does your friend really know that "people made these rules," or is it just a convenient excuse for behaving like dogs. Clearly he doesn't believe in God, or that God has revealed His will for His children. If you believe that man is more than an animal -- animals don't found hospitals or universities -- then you would expect him to have higher values and be guided by higher rules.

Nudity promotes a casual attitude toward sex, which should be limited to a committed relationship that produces children, trains and nurtures them, for future roles in society. Would society be better off if biological parents took no responsibility for the children they produce? Apart from a caring family, these children would likely become selfish individuals, with little or no concern for their neighbors, which is a recipe for chaos.

What about sex without children? Again, it's selfish. It leads to treating one's sexual partner as an object for pleasure, and also shows no concern for the future of society, which is bound to collapse without a sufficient birth rate to replace those who die.

In short, God's will for His children may frustrate their unruly desires, but it better provides for their future than removing all restraints would do.