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Extra chapters or Bible books?
Question from lroy on 04-16-2017:

They are indeed part of authorized Catholic bible.

I found these books in a very old Catholic version, complete with an impprimi. The bible had to be at least 60 years old.

Source: Wiki (as an example)

Susanna or Shoshana (Hebrew: שׁוֹשַׁנָּה, Modern Šošana, Tiberian Šôšannâ: "lily") is included in the Book of Daniel (as chapter 13) by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. It is one of the additions to Daniel, considered apocryphal by Protestants. It is listed in Article VI of the 95 Articles of the Church of England among the books which are read "for example of life and instruction of manners", but not for the formation of doctrine.[1] It is not included in the Jewish Tanakh and is not mentioned in early Jewish literature,[2] although the text does appear to have been part of the original Septuagint (2nd century BC) and was revised by Theodotion, Hellenistic Jewish redactor of the Septuagint text (c. 150 AD).

The narrative of Bel and the Dragon is incorporated as chapter 14 of the extended Book of Daniel. The text exists only in Greek. The original Septuagint text survives in a single manuscript, Codex Chisianus, while the standard text is due to Theodotion, the 2nd-century AD revisor.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 04-24-2017:

Dear Iory,

Thank you for the note.

Dr. Geraghty