Question from Jeanette on 04-17-2017:

As I study Gideon my favorite bit is judges 6:12-13 mighty hero , the lord is with you . NLT version. I'm catholic and would like to learn the catholic bible version of this bit of the Bible . And being catholic I'd appreciate a catholic context of the rest of the story., please .

As a disabled person and a mom caretaker of my disabled daughter , she goes to an adult daycare center as a client. There are times when I'm overwhelmed . I know I'm not to burn a bull calf. Jesus got rid of that.

For strength for us is it rosary or chaplet of st Michael or would you advise best please . Oh gosh that's two questions oh well

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 04-24-2017:

Dear Jennette,

You are doing fine. Keep it up!

Dr. Geraghty