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How do you explain God to an atheist?
Question from Janet Thomas on 04-17-2017:

Mon son asked me a question about what's the best way to explain God , His existence and Presence in our daily life to an atheist (perhaps his friend). Although I am a very involved and practicing catholic, I was stumped for answer? Please help.It's actually upset me that I am unable to give an answer even though I have no doubt about God and His Presence in our daily lives. Thank you. God bless you

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 04-24-2017:

Dear Janet,

A traditional way to explain God's existence into point out that for the world to exist God has to be the cause. The ultimate cause cannot be evolution. It must be person who has intelligence and great power, Creating the world from nothing requires Almighty Power.

Dr. Geraghty