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Blessed Alan de la roch and the holy rosary
Question from Rami Habchi on 06-17-2017:

Hi, I have two questions: 1-have the fifteen promises of the rosary been founded in the writings of Alan de la roche? 2-Is Alan de la roche blessed?because I can't find his name in the list of blessed people.

Answer by David Gregson on 02-09-2018:

It seems that the Fifteen Promises are found in the writings of Alan de la Roche, who indicates them as made to St Dominic. However Blessed Alan wrote 200 years after St Dominic, and his is the only record of such promises. See Are the 15 Rosary Promises Reliable?

I suspect the title "Blessed" given to Alan de la Roche (Alanus de Rupe) was the result of a local beatification, which would explain why he's not listed in the Roman Martyrology.