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re-Losing faith
Question from J. Richard on 06-18-2017:

Deborah, struggling for 40 years sounds familiar doesn'tit. The promise land is always at hand in the Church. Noneed to leave the One True Church, when some of the disciples wanted to leave Jesus the others said "to whom shall we go". People might seem more charitable elsewhere but it's all about focusing on Jesus and carrying our crosse each day. Talk to your priest about your problem and trust in God, pray, pray, pray, God will show you His plan for you and will change your situation. I'll pray for you also, things will change, trust in God.

Answer by David Gregson on 06-27-2017:

Thank you for your input, J. Richard. It's always a temptation to find fault with the Catholic Church, or to look for another church that might better meet our needs. But there is only one Church that can trace its origins back to Our Lord Himself and which has His promise that the "powers of death shall not prevail against it." We just have to keep our eyes on Him, lest turning away, like Peter, to look at the stormy sea around us, we begin to sink.