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Mass in Rome
Question from Anonymous on 06-27-2017:

If somebody is visiting Rome, and wants to attend a Mass in an Eastern Catholic rite, how can they make sure that it is actually Eastern Catholic in full union with the Pope, and not something like Eastern Orthodox?

Thank you.

Answer by Robert Klesko on 07-14-2017:

There are several options for Eastern Catholic Churches in Rome. The Pontifical Russicum is worth a visit, it is the Pontifical College for Eastern Christian studies. The Territorial Abbey of St. Mary of Grottaferrata is also a famous Byzantine monastery in Rome. Santa Sofia a Via Boccea is a Ukrainian Catholic Church in Rome, as is Santi Sergio e Bacco. Chiesa S. Maria in Campo Marzio is a Syriac Catholic Church and Chiesa S. Tommaso in Parione serves the Ethiopian Catholic Church.

There are also several Orthodox Churches in Rome, you can usually inquire if a Church is in communion with Rome and also keep an eye out for the Vatican flag somewhere inside the Church which is often a sign of communion. Hope this helps! God bless!