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Question from Deacon Lawrence on 07-18-2017:

Has the original Medjugorje apparitions been determined to be "supernatural" in origin since Mgr. Hoser's recent visit in April 2017

Mgr. Hoser said: “This devotion, which is so intense here, is extremely important and necessary for the whole world… Let us pray for peace because today the forces of destruction are immense… An intervention from heaven is a necessity for us, and the presence of the Blessed Virgin, is that intervention! It is an initiative from God. And thus, as the special envoy from the pope, I would like to encourage and to comfort you”!

Answer by David Gregson on 12-21-2017:

The commission (17 March - 17 January 2017) authorized by Benedict XVI and chaired by Cardinal Camillo Ruini, supported the supernatural character of the first seven apparitions, but expressed doubts about those that followed. The Holy Father hasn't spoken definitively on the subject.