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Monastery Icons
Question from George on 07-28-2017:

Over the years I have come into possession of several of these mounted icon prints available from Monastery Icons. I recently became aware of the controversial nature of there organization. Each one I received has been properly blessed by a priest. My question is would it be prudent for me to remove them from my home and if so how should these item which have been blessed be disposed of. Thanks, God bless George

Answer by Robert Klesko on 08-16-2017:

It is really a prudential decision on your part. You did the right thing in having them blessed by your priest. With that blessing you may confidently continue to use the icons for your devotions. Should you decide that it would be better to have them out of your house, your best bet is to bring them to your priest, explain your concern, and ask him to dispose of them appropriately.

I hope this helps! God bless!