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Question from Anonymous on 08-15-2017:

I am dating a girl who grew up in a divorced home with an unstable father involved in drugs and bad relationships.She is on antidepressants and whe we disagree she just says sorry my bad or i know im worthless, etc.She shuts down the conversation.other than that we are a loving happy couple. We are starting to talk about marriage. I am active in my church and she says shes not sure what she thinks about religion. She says she believes in God and the ten Commandments but cant read the bible or go to a church that condemns homosexuals. Although she goes to church with me and enjoys the mass, she doesn't want to get any deeper. I am torn. Is it wise for me to continue in a relationship where this is happening. I think she is just giving me lip service because she knows i wouldn't stay in a relationship that doesn't have a sincere christian base open to catholic views. One day when we have a family i fear she will undermine any teaching our children get in CCD etc. She also says she believes abortion is wrong, but cant tell someone else what to do. I pray everyday for the lord to change her heart. It breaks my heart because i fear she wont ever see things differently

Answer by Judie Brown on 08-26-2017:


While I am not a counsellor of any sort, I do know that as you pray and work through this with guidance from the Lord you and hopefully your girl friend will see His will and know that the truth always, as Christ assures us, will set you free.