EWTN Catholic Q&A
Question from Paul Andrew Hrabsky on 08-29-2017:

I have three children, two of whom have fallen away from the faith. The reason for their falling away is the sexual abuses of the Priests, homosexuality Priests, pro-choice advocacy, and euthanasia. Although i present my views on these subjects, they are swayed by the media. Any words of encouragement. Thank you and God Bless.

Answer by Judie Brown on 09-09-2017:


During these troubling times our best response to the publicity given to the errors of some Catholic priests and others is to remind our children that God is the judge, and there are no words to describe the bias the media shares with the public under the guise of news. In fact the reporting is so hateful of the Catholic Church that I define it as diabolical.

Pray for your children and I promise to do so as well.