EWTN Catholic Q&A
Re: Contraception
Question from Karen on 09-29-2017:

Dear Ms Brown:

Thank you for trying to answer my question about nocturnal emissions. But the discussion offered was not responsive to my question.

I am not confused about the interpretation of Onan, and I know nocturnal emissions are natural and not controllable.

My question remains, if God does not want seed spilled, why did He design male biology to do so?

This spilling of seed outside marital intercourse is the result of sexual thoughts and pleasure occurring in the brain.

If God is so concerned about seed being spilled as a result of pleasure with no possibility of producing children why did He design males to do exactly that? - spill seed outside of marital intercourse.

Answer by Judie Brown on 10-01-2017:

Dear Karen

Some things are designed by God and are expressions of the nature of the human being, different for the male and the female.

While the nocturnal emission (wet dream) could be defined as the spilling seed, the fact is that it is a natural occurrence . Or to put it another way, because nocturnal emissions are not an act of will, but are involuntary, they are not sinful but a normal function of the developing male.