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Holy Communion
Question from Suzy on 10-11-2017:

I am a Roman Catholic and my sister is Eastern Catholic. I went to her church and when I received communion with bread dipped in wine I realized the priest had put 2 pieces of the bread in my mouth. At first I thought it was an accident but after liturgy I realized my sister seemed distraught. She said her priest had told her he does not like when people frequent multiple churches. Though she said he was just discussing this in general - I'm pretty sure she realized her Priest was speaking of me. I have not told her that he gave me double bread. When she told me what her Priest had said I knew immediately why he had given me multiple peices. I also realized that the time before when I had visited it seemed the Priest had "popped" the communion into my mouth. I've been very upset since this incident and I'm not quite sure what I should say or do if anything. Should I keep this to myself or tell my sister.

Answer by Robert Klesko on 10-13-2017:

Thanks for the question. I'm not sure what the connection is between giving you a second particle of Our Lord at Holy Communion and the priest's aversion to visitors at his parish. It is quite common in Eastern Churches for multiple particles to be given to Communicants, especially if the means is via a spoon. I would not take this gesture as a sign of hostility.

If you had an experience of being unwelcome at a parish, I would suggest that the next time you attend with your sister that you make a point to arrive early and introduce yourself to the priest. Perhaps, if he makes the connection between you and your sister he might be more welcoming.

I hope this helps. God bless!