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Question from Nancy Weber on 10-29-2017:

I am a high school Theology teacher. I teach freshmen. I want to require my students to attend daily Mass at our school because it supports my curriculum so beautifully. I teach the Salvation History story. My department head is opposed to requiring the students to go to Mass. He believes you should go to Mass because you want to go, not because it is required. I want to understand his thoughts but believe it is okay to ask students to attend a daily Mass at school once per week. Our school does make requirements of our students in other areas such as service hours. Thoughts?

Answer by Judie Brown on 11-08-2017:


There is a difference between asking and requiring students to attend Mass, either on a weekly basis or on a daily basis. I think your principal is simply explaining to you that attending Mass once a week is apparently what the school now requires and that is what the principal believes is acceptable. Is that how you understand it?