EWTN Catholic Q&A
Question from jenny may on 11-09-2017:

I am a catholic who decided to leave the church for awhile,because I thought things to me were not quite right.I wanted to find loving,uncaring people in church but also orthodoxy.When I first attended the church I had charismatic people coming in my life.I have felt the charismatic movement to be very questionable.I felt controlled by their doctrine,they said I had demons in me.They quite often got caught up in that.I also felt I were not seeing me as an individual person with feelings and emotions.They to me were very over bearing and dogmatic,concrete thinking,they never questioned whether or not they can be hearing the voice of God or not,they seemed to feel that they just knew the voice of God and could work in his divine authority.To be totally honest I found that they were very arrogant,unloving and judgemental toward me.I now just want a quite faith,to myself and to know Jesus Christ and who is to me on a very one on one bases.I have researched deeply into the origins of the whole charismatic movement,what I found has conviced me the movement is not of the Lord or true Christianity.I have struggled a lot with my faith in God and really just want sound doctrine in my personal walk with God,can you help me at all?

Answer by David Gregson on 03-01-2018:

Perhaps the charismatic group you were involved with was not a Catholic group. In my experience, Catholic charismatics tend to be less authoritarian. I wouldn't judge the whole movement from your experience.

In any case, you need to get back to the Catholic Church. You may want to try different parishes, to find one where you feel the most comfortable.

Remember, no parish is perfect. The Church is made up of sinners, and they will make mistakes. But the Lord doesn't make mistakes, and it's to get closer to Him that you want to get back to the sacraments, beginning with Confession.