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"Power" and little girls?
Question from Indian Lady on 01-31-2018:

Dear Judie, I find it very disturbing that now not only grown women but little girls are being taught to be "feminist". I saw a brochure for the Girl Scouts the other day and thought their message was a bit too much. It said "There is power in every girl....Unleash it at Girl Scouts." This is wrong...isn't it? I'm truly wondering what your opinion is on a motto like that. I find it extremely inappropriate that young girls are being taught to only care about their "power", and all things sexually related. I feel these young girls are simply being used in a very harmful agenda, that they are mere "tools" for the so-called "leaders" who really don't care anything at all for them. Is it just me, or is the radical feminism "power" thing getting more and more brazen and vulgar? Thank you for your thoughts. I feel there are very few places where I can go to vent my fear and disgust over this, without being called a "hater" by the secular world, which seems incapable of recognizing evil for what it truly is. Indian Lady

Answer by Judie Brown on 02-04-2018:

Dear Indian Lady

It is always wrong to take something as simple as the concept of power within ourselves and separate that from the real source of that power: the HOLY SPIRIT.

The Girl Scouts, like so many secular organizations, are buying into the anti-God, anti-Truth arguments and examples of groups like feminists, Planned Parenthood and others.

You are right! These feminists and their concepts of "power" are not only brazen and dangerous, they are hateful toward God, the creator of every human being and source of all love and power.