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Lord'd Prayer
Question from MCZ on 02-06-2018:

Dear Judie, In regards to the line in the Lord's Prayer: "...and lead us not into temptation.." I think there is nothing wrong with it. It is just a matter of translation, or linguistics. It seems to me it is a negative, substituted for a positive. We are not saying " God, don't lead us into temptation", rather we are saying "God, lead us away from temptation". "Not into" is the same as "away from". Read any Shakespeare play and you can tell people spoke differently back in the 16th century, and I am sure they did in Jesus' time too. Any one taking a foreign language today knows that sentences may be formed differently, verb before the noun, etc. We are not accusing God of trying to tempt us, but rather pleading to him for his help to avoid it. I just think that there is no need to change the wording. God Bless. MCZ

Answer by Judie Brown on 02-07-2018:

Dear MCZ

I agree with you and think the Pope has been given some bad advice. We know that the Lord's prayer comes directly from Christ's lips and after hundreds of years, why would we change the wording now?

Let us pray for Pope Francis and for the Church.