EWTN Catholic Q&A
Question from Geoffrey S Christopher on 02-09-2018:

I am 74 years old. I attend mass every Sunday and I also bring Holy Communion to the sick and elderly at a nursing home. Daily I go to church and I pray for everyone. My question is, I am single and I try to live by the commandments. However, I have a prostate problem. My doctor advised me to masturbate when I am having pain. It only happens maybe every three to four months. It isn't something I want to do, but sometimes the pressure is overwhelming. I ask our Lord to forgive me when it happens, and I say an act of contrition. Should I still go and confess it Thank You

Answer by David Gregson on 02-26-2018:

Yes, you should confess it. Explain to your confessor what your doctor has advised, and see another doctor for a second opinion. I would be surprised if there is no drug that could alleviate your problem.