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The anti logic of abortion!
Question from FrankV on 02-22-2018:

Dear Judie.

I just heard that a politician says he believes the life begins at conception. So, The life begins in a human woman, that life must be human!. then he says it is OK to kill it. Isn't killing a human being murder all over the world? So, If it OK to kill a human in the womb? why isn't it legal to kill any human who you feel is not needed, not wanted, or just "because"? Whatever happened to logic?

God Bless you and thank you,


Answer by Judie Brown on 02-22-2018:


As illogical as the argument sounds the answer is even more illogical. When the Supreme Court decriminalized abortion in 1973, it did so by denying that the preborn child was a human being.

Therefore the Court was ruling as if pregnancy were a disease! A sad truth that persists to this very day.

The devil must be dancing.