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Receiving on the tongue
Question from Aunt Dee on 02-23-2018:

Dear Judy: I apologize for using your forum to ask this question but the other forums have been full-up for quite some time & perhaps you can guide me on where to look for this info. I receive Holy Communion on the tongue, standing, because I am unable to kneel without the support of a keeler & my request for one was met with the answer that it "would disturb the communion line". So be it. My question is to form. When receiving in the hand, the proper response is: Amen. However, when receiving on the tongue at a communion rail No Amen is warranted. But how about when receiving on the tongue 'while standing'? I don't want to do anything disrespectful to Jesus by not responding. Can u help? Thanks & I pray for you & the unborn regularly.

Answer by Judie Brown on 03-01-2018:

Aunt Dee

Whether standing or kneeling, one bows and makes the sign of the cross before and after. That is the way I was taught.