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Assisted Reproductive Technology
Question from Anonymous on 02-26-2018:

I work in the pharmaceutical industry and am in need of finding a new job. One has recently come up that I'm well qualified for that develops women's health products including some that are used to assist in reproduction. In some cases these products can create used for IVF. Is there a moral obligation and/or church teaching that prevents me from applying to and working for a company that produces these hormonal products that can be used in this way? Am I being to scrupulous or is this a real issue? Thanks for your response

Answer by Judie Brown on 03-03-2018:

Dear Anonymous

The opinion of our advisor on such matters is that based on the sketchy information you provided he would tend to think the answer might be “no” as to whether or not this person could work for this company without sinning.

The term “well qualified” may mean she’s more likely to be even a formal cooperator (biologist? Salesperson?).

The term “produces women’s health products” – sounds close to what the abortion industry labels themselves as doing. Anyway, seems possible that a large amount of their business involves products used for illicit purposes.

If we knew more, we might be able to give a better response.