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Daysy Fertility Monitor
Question from Anonymous on 03-03-2018:


My daughter will be getting married soon (19) and I wanted to know your opinion on the Daysy Fertility Monitor from a Catholic perspective. We've discussed NFP but I came upon this and thought it could be a good tool. My daughter and soon to be son-in-law will be moving out to a very high cost of living area (military) and will be only able to afford the minimal just starting out. The Daysy's solution to the fertile days are to non-hormonally contracept, but I've told my daughter that the Catholic solution would be abstinence during the "red days". I'd like your opinion please on this.

Answer by Judie Brown on 03-03-2018:


John Kippley, founder of the Couple to Couple League who is not doing independent work, notes " the danger in relying on an app for natural family planning is that it may overestimate the number of fertile days, requiring couples to abstain from sex for longer than necessary. Only couples that understand the scientific basis behind the natural family planning method they are using will be fully successful in their efforts to avoid or achieve pregnancy,"

Even though DAYSY claims to be much more advanced, I think Kippley's advice is well worth heeding. Knowing one's fertility and understanding it are pivotal to using anything like Daysy correctly.

Judie Brown