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Question from Joanne Marino on 03-05-2018:

Did Jesus know he would be crucified?

Answer by Judie Brown on 03-08-2018:


Dr. Christine Wood explains: http://hobart.catholic.org.au/media/news/gospel-matters-did- jesus-know-he-was-going-die

Jesus predicted his own passion, death and resurrection three times during his public ministry. These predictions were no vague prophecy based on Jesus’ knowledge of the growing animosity from his opponents. Rather, Jesus gave a detailed account of his future suffering, death, and resurrection. No single Old Testament prophecy outlines all the details of the Messiah’s life, death and resurrection. Jesus had to have divine knowledge in order to know how all the prophecies were to be fulfilled in ways that not even the Jewish scribes could imagine. Jesus knew the divine plan of salvation because he was God.