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donor list Joe 08-02-2015
Preventing Cancer Francisca 08-02-2015
Artificial Family planning Asinga Clare 08-02-2015
children Anonymous 08-01-2015
Moral decline Jim C 08-01-2015
Pro Life Issues Martie Putt 08-01-2015
PP organ trafficking and Bill Clinton Marie 08-01-2015
Re: Death Penalty Follow Up By Paul On 6-25-15 John Yurich 08-01-2015
Gay rights and my faith Bloggie 08-01-2015
Contraception vs Gay behavior, same sin? Mary B 08-01-2015
Question about same sex marriage decision Paul 08-01-2015
Judie fan rita 08-01-2015
anenecphalic fetus Lynn 07-22-2015
Medjugorje FrankV 07-22-2015
You're Banned??? Sabrina 07-22-2015
Re: The Lepanto Institute anonymous 07-22-2015
actress who chose life anon 07-17-2015
The Lepanto Institute Annette 07-17-2015
transgender??!! Daniel House 07-17-2015
Re: Just War Paul 07-17-2015
Innocent babies J 07-17-2015
shopping at Wal Mart Andy 07-17-2015
RE: Medjugorje Steve Bonderski 07-17-2015
Artificial Family planning Asinga Clare 07-17-2015
Prolife Employment Chris 07-13-2015
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